Whitewater Kayak Dagger Mamba Whitewater Kayak-Lime-7.6

Whitewater Kayak
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Dagger Mamba – With team-tested, paddler proven heritage, the Dagger Mamba whitewater kayak is trusted by the most renowned instructors and pro paddlers in the world. The Mamba whitewater series offers serious refinements that make it the top river runner in its class. Improved volume distribution increases speed and control, while added safety features lend even more durability. It’s the true wonder boat. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler looking to hone your river skills and make the move beyond Class III, or new adventure seekers looking for a predictable, stable, easy to roll power-house that opens the full range of whitewater, the stylish new Dagger Mamba whitewater kayak series will inspire the ultimate adventure.

Dagger Mamba Whitewater Kayak-Lime-7.6

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